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Hello Parents!

Before you send your child off to college, you can show them just how proud you are of them for all of their hard work and incredible accomplishments with an advertisement in their high school yearbook! You can add personal photos, special memories, and a unique message to honor and congratulate them in a way they'll be able to cherish for years to come.

Bexleo is currently selling senior recognition advertisements to be featured in our high school yearbook. All proceeds generated from the sale of a senior recognition advertisement go directly back to BEXLEO for the purchase of new camera and lens equipment.

Below, we have our senior recognition advertisement prices listed.

Click below to view examples of senior recognition ads and our advertisement contract. Payment information is listed on the contract as well. If you have any questions about the purchase of a senior recognition ad, please email Congratulations to your child for an incredible high school career!

Leo Schottenstein, Bexleo Business Editor

Josie Zox, Bexleo Business Editor

Senior Recognition Ad Examples

Advertisment Contract

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