Bexleo is the Bexley High School Yearbook and also a co-curricular class, open to all grades on a competitive basis. The Bexleo class meets 7th period every day to work on the yearbook.

This online website is a way to showcase and share the thousands of photos we don’t have room to include in the annual print yearbook. Feel free to download and share any of the photos on the site. However, we are dependent on yearbook sales to fund this site, so we hope you will still buy a yearbook. 

Our high-quality photographs are made possible in large part by the Bexley Education Foundation, which generously awarded us a $30,000 grant in 2015 to purchase professional quality cameras and lenses.

Bexleo would be happy to advertise your business on this website and in the yearbook. We use advertising dollars to underwrite our publication costs, upgrade our camera equipment, and provide complimentary yearbooks for low-income members of each year’s graduating class. Please contact us at bexleo@bexleyschools.org if you’re interested in buying an ad, or if you have suggestions for the print yearbook or this website.

The Yearbook Advisor is Mike Nolan. He can be reached at mike.nolan@bexleyschools.org or (614) 231-4591.

Our Process

What we do?

Bexleo takes photos at a large range of student events. These photos are taken on professional quality cameras that our staff is trained to use. After taking photos, our Lightroom Team extensively sorts through the photos and edits them for exposure, white balance, lens correction, vibrance, and more. We edit our great photos to perfection for use in the yearbook, on our website, and on social media.

Bexleo staff members complete many spreads for the yearbook each year. Each staff member selects and edits photos for their spread. They then add the photos to our yearbook software, Herff Jones eDesign, and arrange them based on rules of design. The authors of each spread also come up with witty captions for each photo.

Bexleo also manages the seasonal athletic program. Each year, we publish a program for every sport consisting of all the athletes who participate in athletics at Bexley High School.

Staff members also sell advertisements for the yearbook, website, and seasonal athletic program.

The Leaders

Eimear McCann - Executive Editor

Will Feldman  - Executive Editor

Julia Miracle  - Executive Editor

Hayley Heideman  - Webmaster

Jaden Lumpkins  - Planning Editor

Joanna Howson  - Lightroom Editor

Sam Adler  - Camera Lens Manager

Leah Tadese  - Business Editor

Natalie Madison  - Social Media Editor

Tovah Blumenfeld - Program Editor

Liam Timmons - Program Editor

Maya Rothchild - Sections Editor

Nicole Lankford - Sections Editor and Promotions Editor

Lin McDow - Graphics Editor

Patrick Beck - Sports Editor

The Staff

Kelsey Cain

Caroline Collier

Brooke Cowan

Lainey Dorrian

Lauren Fournier 

Lillian Gyurcsik

Evelyn Holzhall

Lillian Hoyer

Kathryn Huefner

Jackson Klingelhofer

Arianna Martin

Jude Nathan

Maia Nelson

Lucy Rosen

Priya Roy

Tess Schottenstein

Marissa Smith

Maria Steinke

Kathryn Sullivan

Giulia Viglietta

Olivia Wilson

Eleanor Ziance

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